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VST 2.4

VTAPE - The Analog Tape Suite


Return to Analog

VTAPE ist eine Plugin Suite basierend auf einer realistischen Simulation der Tonaufzeichnung mit analogen Bandmaschinen.

VTAPE Saturator konzentriert sich auf die Simulation des Aufnahme/Wiedergabeverhaltens einer analogen Bandmaschine.

VTAPE Delay benutzt diese Simulation als Kernmodul für ein modernes, Stepsequenzer basierendes Multi-Tap Delay und führt damit den warmen Klang der alten Bandechos in das 21. Jahrhundert.

VTAPE Flanger simuliert den legendären "Tape flanging" Effekt der  durch die Wiedergabe desselben Musikmaterials auf zwei Bandmaschinen mit leicht unterschiedlicher Geschwindigkeit ensteht.

Warum und Wie ?

Why bothering about going back to analogue tape recording knowing that todays digital audio recording is undoubtly more precise in reproducing the original sound ?

Perhaps you already guessed the answer: it´s the imperfection and the technical deficiencies which can add something wonderful to the sound if properly used.

Most emulations of the `tape sound´ focus on the saturation characteristic alone and underestimate the effect of a subtle amount of `flutter´ - high frequency fluctuations of the tape speed. This adds something which is probably the most important part of the special sound: The harmonic lines are "widened" by the effect of frequency modulation due to flutter which causes a 'thickening' of the audio signal contributing to the fat sound of analog, compared to the more accurate, but thin sound of digital. This effect called `Modulation noise´ makes it easier to mix tracks together by removing the static character especially of electric/electronic sounds. It´s interesting to know that many natural instruments have a "built-in" flutter effect which strongly contributes to their sound.

The distortion and compression effects due to the saturation characteristic of magnetic recording depend on the input signal level. With normal recording levels the distortion is around 1% which is away from sounding really distorted but quite audible and adds a pleasant color to the sound. Higher values should only be used as special effect on some suitable tracks dependant on the style of music you´re after.
The saturation is also responsible for the `instant compression´ effect which causes transient signals to be reduced in level. In contrast to a dedicated compressor this one is working with instant attack/release and therefore avoiding the typical pumping artefacts.

VTAPE Flanger


- Manuelle "Tape flanging" Simulation.
- LFO moduliertes flanging.
- Authentisches “through zero” Flanging.
- Einzigartiger Stereomodus.

VTAPE Saturator


- Realistische Bandmaschinenemulation
- Bandsättigung / Kompression.
- Automatischer Lautstärkeausgleich.
- Bandrauschen
- Gleichlaufschwankungen
- Equalizer
- Frei von Aliasing
- Zero latency Betrieb
- Einfaches Userinterface “One page only”.



- Basiert auf VTAPE Saturator
- Stepsequencerartige Eingabe von Delaypattern
- Standard / Triole / Punktierte Rhythmen möglich.
- Modernes Tempo-synchronisertes Delay mit bis zu 24 Taps pro Kanal.
- Lautstärkeeinstellung für jeden Tap.
- Stereo Rotationseffect
- Tap Pad für Tempo tapping
- Loop Filter Lo/Mid/High
- Alle Parameter ohne Störeffekte editierbar.
- Zero latency Betrieb
- Einfaches Userinterface “One page only”.

Common features


- Mehrkanalfähig bis 10.2 (VST3 / AU / RTAS)


- VST 2.4
- AudioUnit

Systemvoraussetzungen PC

° Intel Pentium 4 / Intel Core Duo / AMD Athlon 64
° Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit
USB Port für eLicenser Kopierschutz
° VST2.4 / VST3 / RTAS kompatibler Hostsequencer.

Systemvoraussetzungen Mac

° Intel Core Duo.
° 1 GB RAM
° Mac OS X version 10.7 - 10.11
USB Port für eLicenser Kopierschutz
° 32 bit : AudioUnit / VST2.4 / VST3 / RTAS kompatibler Hostsequencer.
° 64 bit : AudioUnit / VST3

Voll funktionsfähige Demo...

Neu in Version 2.0


- Delay Plugin jetzt auch mit triolischen und punktierten Notenwerten.
- Flanger Plugin mit LFO Modulation.
- VST3 / VST2.4: 64-bit version für Windows 7 und Windows Vista.
- Aktualisiertes Handbuch

und einige Bugfixes.



Saturator: “...can easily be set to sounding rather lo-fi without just sounding like a distortion unit that I sometimes think plagues tape emulators.”

“...the first sounds I made were scary similar to my old tape decks!”

Delay: “Sure, you can dial in a typical quarter note delay, but you can also make all hell break loose.”

Read the full review...

ProToolerBlog February 2008

User comments

..sitting through some mixes using the 'lo-fi' end of the 'VTape' presets I
DEFINITETLY heard something I have not heard before from a 'Tape' plug-in (I own seven now). It is subtle and yet provocative, a true 'virtual', subconcious cue that somehow tape is involved, WELL DONE! (I made my own first recording to tape nearly 42 years ago so I do have some experience in this subject ;-)).

...just sounds so musical. a vtape saturation on my virus TI ....makes the virus sound like it is an analog synth. But the delay is what I like most! The sound and features are awesome.


VTAPE Flanger


Clean Guitar sound with stereo tape flanging


same as above, but without the special stereo effect.



Feedback and tempo tweaked in realtime...

Sequencer like multi-tap delay pattern.

Stereophonic rotation effect.

Hello CANTOR !

Full stop...


Solo Guitar...
1 dry (no effect)
2 with Saturator, 10db Preset
3 with Saturator, 10db Preset and VTAPE Delay
4 with Saturator, 10db Preset and Delay and REFLECT
5 dry
6 full effect

VTAPE Saturator


Clean DI Guitar, successively driven more into tape saturation
(2dB..15 dB).
Peak level is constant.


Tom´s voice first original and then with 6dB tape compression. Same peak level on both, but note the difference in loudness and tone !

Short drum sequence first original and then with increasing  tape compression starting with 2dB up to 15 dB. Same peak level on both, but note the difference in loudness and tone !